Shanghai IC R & D Center (ICRD) is a national-level R & D organization granted by the six ministries and commissions (e.g. the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology etc.). The center provides IC enterprises and research institutes with open and specialized public R & D services, which mainly include:

(1) Technology and intellectual property protection for the industry;
(2) Open platform for the development and validation of advanced process technologies for IC manufacturing companies;
(3) Development of unique process modules for application-oriented products;
(4) Testing conditions of microelectronics equipment and raw materials;
(5) A training base for colleges, universities and research institutes.

ICRD promotes international cooperation as the foundation, relies on synergistic resources from the industry, universities and research, and strives for development through a market-oriented approach. The center adheres to cultural values of innovation, high efficiency, tenacity and diversity, and is working closely with a group of internationally renowned semiconductor manufacturers and research institutions.

At the moment, ICRD is working on a pilot 12-inch IC production line meeting international mainstream standards. It aims to establish an IC R & D open platform equipped with technologies and facilities at the most advanced level in the country.

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